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DiBona Systems is an  Outsourcing Information Management Company.  We run your  computer operations for you  with all the cost advantages of outsourcing and the logistic advantages of having us on site. 

  • Maintain current and future planned servers.

  • Networking including on site networks.

  • Virtual Private networking.

  • ​Server, desktop support, and printer support.

  • ​Install on site cloud services.

  • Manage Anti-Virus.

  • ​Software installation, management, and support.

  • ​Handle and Coordinate repairs and transportation.

  • ​Resolve operational, licensing or other issues.

  • On call to handle and coordinate Internet Service provider problems.

  • Manage Anti-Virus.


There are so many information Technology support companies out there, most just offering remote support.  But our company is different.  No ridiculous high hourly charges, so no surprises.  We are available on call and can be on site for as many days per week as you need. We are the first line of defense for hardware, software, and IT management. 


We help your company grow and compete.


We run entire computer departments for organizations that are too small to have a full time staff, and too large not to have anyone running their Information Technology. 

We use the latest license free networking and computer systems to keep your technology levels high and your costs low.

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