We make Computers

Buying a computer is Painful.

The choices are endless, and trying to compare components is difficult.  There are hundreds of processors to choose from, and the specs are hidden from you.  There is a good chance you'll get stuck with an average computer.

We have been assembling computers for our clients for years.  The simple fact is, there is a basic level of performance that everyone needs.  So, we have put together an easy to compare set of computers that meet different needs, but each one  performs exceptionally well for the price.  We assemble them here in New Jersey with components we have time tested in the field.  No nonsense computers that have pure Windows installed with no unwanted, 3rd party software to nag you, or clutter up things.  You don't need to know anything about the stuff inside, just pick the one for the job.

We call them "Cinnamon"